Before showing up to test, please:

  • Call to register, (520) 977-1516

  • Review "Pre-Test" and "Test Day" section for what to wear and bring

  • Watch CPAT video in our "References & Guides" section

Pre-Test Process:

In accordance with CPAT standards set by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)and International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), Evolve Tactical Fitness provides candidates the opportunity to participate in the eight-week Pre-Test process.  Candidates will be given the opportunity to participate in two Orientation sessions as well as two timed Practice Tests.

Candidates may opt out of the required Orientations and/or Practice Tests, but must sign a waiver acknowledging that they were offered and declined.

Candidates must pay for the entire CPAT Testing process in order to participate in CPAT Orientations and/or CPAT Practice Tests.

CPAT Orientations allow candidates to become familiar with the CPAT Test and process.  It is also a valuable time to get input and advice from our staff regarding ways to prepare for the CPAT.  At the orientation candidates will be able to:

  • View CPAT Orientation Video

  • Walk through the CPAT course

  • Get hands-on exposure to all events

  • Get an overview of each events

  • Get Instructor feedback, tips, and training methods

CPAT Practice Tests give the candidates an opportunity to run through the CPAT just as it would be run during the final test.  However, during the Practice Test only, if a candidate is disqualified or runs out or time they will be allowed to continue. At CPAT Practice tests candidates will be given:

  • Timed practice runs on the complete CPAT course

  • Practice time on CPAT events

  • Instructor feedback, tips, and training methods

A Candidate may waive their CPAT Practice Test and have it count as their final CPAT Test.  The candidate must declare that the CPAT Practice Test is going to count as their actual CPAT Test before they begin the test.  If you fail that test, you will be able to attempt the CPAT Test again on your scheduled final CPAT Test.